.ANDO: the reason behind the name

.ANDO is the brainchild of Roberto and Giada. In Italian, this suffix is the perfect fit to many verbs, such as ViaggiANDO (traveling), SognANDO (dreaming), or EmozionANDO (thrilling). Take a closer look, and you’ll see that these words are essential ingredients in a well-planned, organized, and customized trip. A journey that thrills, aiming straight at the traveler’s heart and spirit is something different than a “get up and go” approach: it is thought especially for those who are seeking Experiences and Emotions on a personal level.

.ANDO becomes

  • ImparANDO (Learning), offering Study-vacations for children, teenagers, and adults;
  • ViaggiANDO (Traveling), offering unique destinations and tailor-made solutions;
  • CurANDO (Healing), offering short stays, both in Italy and abroad, paired with physical and spiritual wellness programs;
  • EmozionANDO (Thrilling), because we strive to offer suggestions that will amaze both you and ourselves!

All you have to do is start packing, we’ll take care of the rest…

The reasons for traveling


“Travelling is like a perpetual renewal, a coming together of cultures, languages, places and habits that we will be able to carry with us for the rest of our lives.”

Travelling has always been my dream, since childhood. I used to look at the sky and watch those huge airplanes carrying hundreds of people to different continents. I would spend hours imagining how different people lived in different corners of the World.

And then, one day, I went on my first JOURNEY…

I have always tried to experience my trips not through the eye of the tourist, but I strove to discover the essence of the country I was living in. I did my best, whenever possible, to live in those countries as a citizen rather than as a traveler. This has kindled inside me the desire to leave for new journeys, it brought me closer to my roots, and at the same time, it has taught me to be more objective when noticing diversity.

And now I JOURNEY on…

Traveling has turned into my daily mode of existence; each time the magic of traveling renews itself in me and, as it was when I was a child, I still feel amazed and excited before a new trip.
Today I’m glad to share my emotions with those who decide to live similar experiences: I organize, support and suggest… for it’s in the eyes of the traveler that I see myself as I am now, as I was back then.

Roberto Caiti

Why “vacation-study”?

”A heartfelt “Thank you” to all the boys and girls who have been my inspiration throughout the years”

It all began with my experience as Assistant Manager and Campus Manager working at summer study vacation programs abroad. My role in those summer camps was of great responsibility as it’s definitely no easy task managing 450 – 800 teenagers at once. What could I do to be a reference point and an authority figure for them at the same time? I wondered how I was to face that “inexhaustible energy” that is so dominant in the teen years.

So at every welcome meeting, when the time came to introduce the set of rules they would have to follow, I informed the participants that I would send back home on a direct flight anyone responsible of a serious infringement to the rules. But how could I sugar-coat the concept? We were in an English-speaking country so what better solution than making up an expression, like “FLY HOME”. Also, to have their undivided attention, I would ask them very straight forwardly to keep quiet when I was talking, whence the firm invitation: “ WHEN I AM TALKING, YOU SHUT UP”.

Actually, at the time, I couldn’t imagine that those teenagers, with their light hearts and free souls, could joke about my methods. However, with every new students’ round, someone would come up with IMPRESSIONS, JINGLES, DANCES, JOKES directly inspired by my “PERSONALITY”.
Once I was back in Italy, I dreamt of starting a project to continue the wonderful experience I lived with those young people, focusing on them and their individuality.

Roberto Caiti

Our Travel Packages

“America, my first trip, my first real challenge, a land of a thousand contrasts”
“Australia, the dream that fascinated me since the age of 12, a country that deeply changed me”

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